Areas Of Practice
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  • Individual Coaching - I provide sessions for individuals using a cognitive-behavioral approach and incorporating additional techniques, such as Progressive Relaxation and EMDR/EFT to address the needs of my client. My coaching style is to partner with each client and help identify goals, create a unique plan of action, and provide accountability while on the path to reaching those goals.
  • Sports Psychology - I focus on mental skills development, managing anxiety stemming from performance issues, and overcoming emotion impact of injuries for all types of athletes. I also work with women seeking to improve their health and lose weight. Other types of clients I work with are performing artists, writers, and public speakers who need help managing anxiety or mental blockage.
My mission is to provide education for self-improvement. Participating as a guest speaker on radio programs, and as a steady contributing author in “Purpose” magazine and the Columbus African-American News Journal, has given me a platform to spread that education. I’ve led workshops designed to help set goals, reduce holiday stress, and practice self-care - as well as address weight issues. I want to share my mission with everyone, and would love to discuss more with you if there are any questions.