Areas Of Practice
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  • Individual Therapy - I provide individual therapy sessions for adults and children (ages 5 – 12 yrs) using a cognitive-behavioral approach. I also will utilize EMDR, EFT (tapping), and Progressive Relaxation techniques to address clients’ needs.  I work to form a team with each client to help him/her identify goals, a plan of action, and provide accountability.
  • Sports Psychology - I offer treatment which focuses on Mental Skills development and managing anxiety from performance issues and handling injury for athletes of all levels. I work with women seeking to improve their health and lose weight as well as student-athletes in recreational or select/travel sports/activities. I also work with performing artists, writers, and public speakers who need help managing anxiety or mental blocks.  (I am dedicated to help fight the obesity epidemic by offering a FREE Run/Walking group that is family-friendly. Please check out my Facebook group PWS FitCamp for more information.)
  • Seminars and Workshops  - Dr. Lewis-Lyons is an exciting and motivating public speaker. She has presented on various topics, including “Making the Most of Your Running Goals”, “Self-Care for Women”, and “The Angel Who Met Me at Mile 22.”  She offers short workshops at her office on New Year, New You!, Goal-Setting, Designing a Vision for Your Life, Practicing Self-Care (You are worth it), and Live Clutter-Free! and No Stress Holidays throughout the year.