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I am a Clinical Psychologist and Life Coach with over 30 years of experience working in a variety of treatment settings. In 1999 I decided to open my own private practice and have been operating solo ever since.  


I truly understand how difficult it can be to seek help from professionals like me, and want to remind everyone that asking for help is the first step to a healthy future. I am here to be your partner as you take on this journey of positive life changes to achieve your goals.


I have extensive familiarity working with a wide range of issues and clients. Currently, I am focusing my practice on helping adults make life altering modifications to better address the issues challenging their mental, emotional and physical health. With support, accountability, and a holistic action plan, I have been able to help my clients develop healthier and happier lives.


I have adjusted my practice to serve clients through telehealth, primarily using videoconferencing platforms. Do not hesitate to ask questions or get in touch with my via email:

Jacqueline Lewis-Lyons, Psy. D.


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